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Event timeline: from May 27, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

Event content: We will hold a small event for those of you who love designing and using beautiful skins. You can design your own skin, for your country, for your team. If you want to recommend it to your friends, send us pictures of the design. We will help you create the skin and show it to everyone. Show everyone your unique skin design ideas. Show everyone your talent.

Participants: The event is open to all wormate.io players from 15 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Australia , USA, Portugal.

How to join:

  • You can join the event by sending us:
    – A link (image(1950×650 pixel) shared google driver).
    Your country name.
    – Your customer code.
  • We will receive your information from Google Forms, click Here (to link Google Form).

The rules of the event:

  • Designs must be for general use, designs with specific names will be disqualified.
  • Designs with objectionable or bad content will be disqualified.
  • Don’t cheat, you have to design yourself to get approved.
  • If your design gets more than 1000 votes, your design will be selected.

Event Rewards:

  • Your skin design will be posted on our mod-skin system, and we will keep it there for 1 week or maybe longer if the design is liked by many users.
  • You will have one month of free use.

Please go to this fanpage to vote for the skins you like, click Here (to link fanpage).

Thanks for using our extension.

Wish you happy gaming