We are a fan of the game Wormate.io. We listen to players’ opinions. We studied the game’s system and found that it could be improved. We started developing our first projects in early 2022, then we found more partners and friends in the process. We had a lot of trouble at first, we worked together with developer Bach and with streamer Cindynana. In March 2022 we created a web extension  and over time we have added many beneficial functions for the users.

You can design your own skin, for your country, for your team. If you’d like to show it to your friends, send us an image of the design. We’ll help you create the skin and show it to everyone.

List of functions:

  1. Find the map.
  2. Find the open map.
  3. Count Kills and HeadShots.
  4. The map has a clock time zone.
  5. Use the Tim Map Wormate skin mod.
  6. Enter the game right away, no waiting.
  7. Change game background.
  8. Customize the controls on your phone.
  9. Save the Kill and HeadShot numbers.
  10. Displays the operating time of the accessory.
  11. Play the map you just played again.
  12. Q key: rotate in place.
  13. W key: rotate and spread evenly.
  14. Z key: Zoom 120%
  15. Multi-level zoom

Have fun playing Wormate.io and please always support our extension. Thanks!